Thursday, 24 October 2013

Several Disasters later.......

Oooohh I've had problems with this one! It's the new sketch challenge at CAS colours and sketches. Now this is nothing to do with the sketch which I'm sure you'll agree is a great, clean and simple sketch

No, my problems started when I tried to create my card.  The first attempt at embossing was a failure because I hadn't allowed for the matching up of the pattern as my Embossing folder did not fit the square card base I had chosen. Change card base- had an acetate half circle, on which the edge ripped in a non-recoverable way, my third version of this card, also with acetate,  was ready to photograph, when I noticed that the cat had obviously jumped onto my crafting table and left a whacking great muddy pawprint right in the white space of my card...aarrgghh! No more acetate left, so new idea, recycle the central panel and the butterflies, make a new card base, all going so well, photograph it.... go to edit it - my photo editing software won't let me in! It's too late to mess around so here it is with unedited pic,

Frustrated or what!! What else can go wrong?
Anyway, my fellow DT members have not had disasters, their cards are lovely and you can check them out at the blog. I'm going to bed now, scheduling this post for the morning, when if I can I will put a better photo up.

Here we go!


  1. Oh dear - what a day! Your card looks lovely though! - Jacqueline xx

  2. lovely card! your idea is genius! x

  3. I'm sorry you had such a rough time creating your card! Your perseverance paid off in the end. I think the sunny yellows and oranges look terrific with the embossed clouds in the background.

  4. Your card is gorgeous Louise, and turned out really well in the end! Don't you just hate it when the animals try to help out? Bev x

  5. Such a pretty card Louise, I am so sorry it caused you such grief, happily, it all worked out perfectly in the end! I've had to join in with the sketch challenge, thanks so much for the inspiration! Ruth x

  6. Oh my goodness, Louise - what a trial! I love this card - the embossed clouds are a fabulous background!


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