Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Angry Birds Red and Black

Everyone loves receiving a card that makes them smile or gives them a giggle and that is what we are hoping to see at The Male Room, the only other restriction is that it must be suitable to send to a male relative or friend.
I was going to go with a stamped 'joke' type card, but couldn't quite find the right one at the right time. So, following on from a card I posted earlier, these little guys are almost guaranteed to make you smile

My daughter, who was escaping back to Uni earlier this week, took both of these cards back to send to some of her friends on the swim team, she thought that those boys would love them, I hope so!

They were so simple to make, the red one I found a card on the internet to CASE  but the black one I created myself using an image of the black angry bird on Google.
I was trying to take my photographs when look who wanted in on the action! This is Sam, posing with the angry birds, the only birds he's going to catch these days!


  1. Two great cards Louise but think Sam steals the show!

  2. Love these cards!! And that's how my cats like to do too! :)

  3. Ohhh I totally love these Louise! Such fun cards! You Sam is a handsome fella too! :)
    Lizy xx

  4. Louise - these are brilliant! The Angry birds are so popular and do make me laugh! Great work!

  5. These are brilliant Louise and I love Sam's modelling spot too! Vicky x

  6. Brilliant fun cards for a guy or young man! We have a couple in the family that like to play angry birds, so this is perfect! You were very creative with your fun cards!


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