Thursday, 17 April 2014

Back In Black

I have had this card inside my head from when I first saw this gorgeous WoodWare stamp

A crisply stamped, fully black silhouette, with no colour all, just monochrome. Not even sure if I need the sentiment but it did seem to balance the card.  Then I saw this week's colour challenge from CAS Colours and Sketches. I would have left it as it was, but I know we are sticklers for the colour rules at CC&S and so to fit in with

I have added a two-tone bow, using the two shades of grey from the challenge

I think I will use it as a sympathy card and take off the bow when I do. This is so CAS (without the bow) I am really pleased (I did stamp it a number of times before finally achieving the black I wanted, with no missed bits, grey bits, smudges, off centre images, half stamped sentiments ..... so it wasn't as quick and easy as you might imagine)


  1. That is such an elegant card - I do prefer it without the bow though.

  2. It is a fantastic card - I do like the monochromatic colour theme!

  3. I LOVE this black and white beauty~
    Very nice work.

  4. I have this stamp Louise, it's one of my favourites and your card is absolutely stunning and just leapt out at me. Love the way the simple design lets that beautiful image shine - a wonderful card! Ruth x

  5. The wildflowers are wonderful - both with and without the bow!

  6. This is such a beautiful card Louise - and all the better for being in black and white!


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