Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Charming thank you

This little card has a story attached to it.  Last week I lost a silver ring at work, I took it off and forgot to put it back on. A day or so later I noticed what I had done and was so upset as it has huge sentimental value. Of course, it was not where I left it, so I sent round an email to all my colleagues and put a notice out to the students but, although lots of people sent messages of hope, no one had seen it. Yesterday our lovely cleaning lady came to me, she had emptied the hoover bag to look for it and there it was, with all the fluff and dirt! I have made this card to say thank you....


  1. Awhh! How kind was that...
    Fabulous card. Fabulous colours..

  2. My goodness, you were really close to losing that ring Louise - what a lovely lady to have rummaged through the hoover bag to look for it! Your card is a sweet thought and those swirls look wonderful with that flower! Vicky x


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