Thursday, 4 September 2014

Cat in the Flowers

Hey everyone, I'm back from my travels and ready to start crafting again. I didn't have a chance to visit Michael's when I was in the States (disappointing) but it gives me a reason to go back! Today I start my month as hostess at CAS Colours and Sketches and I'm starting with a colour challenge

I love these rich colours together, although my card is quite simple. Although it contains some layers with the blooms I hope it is still CAS because there is a lot of white space.

I was lucky enough to be allowed to borrow this new floral stamp set from a friend, looks like I might need to buy it for myself as I love the large blooms. The small flower is from Stippled Blossoms, 
another set, and the cheeky little cat is from Furry Friends, first time of inking for him. Love his surprised expression. He reminds me of my Splodge, who at the moment is recuperating after having been hit by a car. He needed quite some orthopaedic surgery to mend his broken leg,and has several metal pins holding it together. All this happened while we were away on holiday, so lots of phone calls to the vet and anxious hours waiting to hear how he was doing. Thankfully he's home now, but needs 6 weeks of crate rest, not easy for him to accept.
Day 4 after surgery

Day 6

Day 5


  1. Do love the flowers, but that cat made me laugh out loud! Great card.

  2. Poor splodge - I have had the pleasure of meeting him in the flesh and he really is the most lovely kitty. He has such beautiful big green eyes - I really hope he continues to improve.
    By the way - your card is lovely too!! - J xx

  3. Love the cute kitty peeking up from behind the flower border!
    I hope Splodge is recuperating well! Poor baby.

  4. What a fun card - love that cat amongst the bright flowers Louise! Let's hope it's not too long before Splodge is able to do the same in real life. x


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